Integrative Aesthetics @ McMinn Clinic - Building Beauty Inside & Out
Specialty Facial Services
If you're searching for the Ultimate Wellness treatment
 inside and out, then treat yourself to a facial at Integrative Aesthetics. Nothing else can make you feel so luxurious! Facials deep clean the skin, removing impurities, toxins and other agents from your skin while adding important vitamins and hydrating the skin. Full exfoliation, face,  neck and shoulder  massage and cleansing are all included
Glo Express Facial (30min) $39.00
Recommended for all skin types.
Glo Facial (50min) $79.00
 Recommended for all skin types.
Glo Clear Skin facial (45min) $79.00
Recommended for acneic skin types.
Glo Dry/Sensitive Skin Facial (50min) $79.00
Recommended for the dry and sensitive skin types.
Glo Oily/Congested Skin Facial (50min) $79.00
Recommend for acneic, oliy and congested skin types.
Glo Brightening Facial (50min) $79.00
Recommended for hyperpigmentation, dull or uneven textured, mature and sun damaged skin types. 
Glo Clinical Facial  (60min)  $85.00
Recommended and customized for all skin types.  Extractions are included.
Dermaplane Treatment  (30 min.)  $95.00
Designed to remove facial hair and exfoliate.  Beneficial to all skin types and recommended every 4 - 6 weeks.
GloTheraputics Specialty Facial Services with Chemical Exfoliation:
 Microdermabrasion Facial (60min) $95.00
Recommend for Acne, sun damage, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, rough calloused skin, aging skin, and fine/deeper lines.
Glo Lactic 15% Facial (60min) $99.00
Recommended for dehydration, photo damaged, aging skin, acne, and dull skin.
Glo Glycolic 30%/60% Facial (60min) $99.00
Recommended for photo damaged, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, and ingrown hairs.
Glo Salicylic 30% Facial (60min) $99.00
Recommended for acne, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, rough calloused skin, and aging skin types.
Glo Modified Jessner 14% Facial (60min) $199.00
Recommended for dull skin, fine lines, superficial scar tissue,hyperpigmentation, sun damage, aging skin, acne and pigment.
Glo Alpha Beta 17% (17%Glycolic, 17%Lactic, 17%Salicylic) Facial (60min) $199.00
Recommended for thickened, resistant, congested, oily, acneic breakouts, dull skin, fine lines, sundamaged and  hyperpigmentation skin types.
Glo Triplex (30%Glycolic, 10%TCA, 10%Salicylic)  Facial (60min) 199.00
Recommended for impure, congested, oily, actinic keratosis, fine lines, sun damaged, dull, and uneven complexions.
Glo TCA 15% -  30% Facial Peel  starting at $295.00
Recommended for combination, congested, aging skin, fine lines, sun damaged, uneven tone and texture skin types.
GloTheraputics Specialty Add-On Services:
Glo Back Treatments (45min) $79.00
Recommended for all skin types.

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