Ciro Pizzo

His current research focuses on: transformation of the urban and legitimate space from early modernity till today. Anthropological Profile of ordinary and normalized people and related discrimination systems. Social disabling dynamics. Recent publiations include: Différer possibilité. Logique fractctale et anatopismes sociaux, in Ciro Tarantino, Ciro Pizzo, La Sociologie des possibles, Paris, Mimesis France, 2015. Per una fenomenologia del prender forma. L’anatopismo del dis-, in Ciro Tarantino, Alfredo Givigliano (a cura di), Le forme sociali, Macerata, Quodlibet, 2015. Towards a Systematic Scenario of the Caserta Conurbation, in Annamaria Rufino (ed.), Territorial Intelligence as Engine for the History of Future. Research on a Mid-global Laboratory, Saarbrücken, Lambert, 2012.



Twitter: @ciropizzo